You will find some excellent information about hypnotherapy at The National Hypnotherapy Society and NHS websites. It’s worth having a good read of these pages, just click on each to be redirected. 


I am an accredited member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and you can read my profile HERE

Having individual hypnotherapy, what is it like?

Hypnosis is achieved through deep relaxation and guided visualisation. The therapist uses their voice as the instrument to calm and relax you, and will tailor the language they use and the imagery according to your personal needs and preferences. This is what makes it effective, putting you at the heart of treatment.

During private one-to-one hypnotherapy you don’t need to talk, I will get you comfortable - and you engage the relaxation and experience. It can be a really lovely experience. I have a very comfy couch, blankets and eye pillows. I sit a few feet away and we can enjoy the beauty of silence or have relaxing music in the background. I’m very much guided by you and what you would like.

Many people will have the idea that hypnosis makes you do things you don’t want to, like dancing on a stage, being a chicken! It’s absolutely nothing like this at all. This is a therapy, it is person-centred care where deep trust is formed towards your therapist who will listen and understand.

You never lose control whilst hypnotised, it is a very deeply relaxed state of consciousness, even if you nod off, which can happen, you’re easily able to come back to awareness. My job is to care for you and ensure you feel comfortable and secure; I’ve been highly trained to deliver hypnotherapy and I’ve spent many years looking after dental patients so I have a lot of experience in caring for people, especially if they feel anxious.

What if you get emotional before or during therapy? You don’t need to worry if you do - emotions are part of who we are and unblocking them can be very soothing. 



My responsibilities as your therapist

Being a member of The National Hypnotherapy Society I am verified as being qualified to deliver hypnotherapy and I abide by their code of ethics - it’s a long but important document. If you would like to have a look please click HERE. Your time with me is bound by client confidentiality and I have a secure system to protect your information. I will explain all of this side of things when we meet.

I keep my skills current by attending further professional education and anything I offer treatment for must be backed up by independent robust scientific research. Sometimes hypnotherapy is not suitable for a presenting issue and if this is the case I will guide you towards the right type of support. 

What happens during an appointment?

When you come for therapy, the first appointment is spent talking together, you telling me what you want hypnotherapy for, what changes you would like to make, and what barriers you feel are in the way. Hypnotherapy is ‘solution-focussed’ so we work together to identify your feelings, thoughts and behaviours at this first appointment.

I will then get you comfy and guide some deep relaxation so that you have an experience of what it feels like to be hypnotised. I also give you access to a recording to listen to at home until your next appointment. 

The first appointment is 90 minutes, subsequent appointments are 50 minutes and I will most usually treatment plan a further 6 sessions for you - I prepare my therapy behind the scenes, as well as recordings for you to listen to between sessions at home. Your appointment fees cover this time as well.

What is hypnotherapy helpful for?

Hypnotherapy is a short term therapy that is designed to help you focus on positive aspects of yourself, and life - to help you enjoy a different perspective and embrace positive change. It is also deeply relaxing and engages your parasympathetic nervous system. This is your body’s powerful ability to calm and rest. 

As a hypnotherapist, I have my personal areas of interest. I provide hypnotherapy to support the following issues:




work-related stress

exam or test related anxiety

dental and medical treatment anxiety

self esteem and confidence

Wellbeing and relaxation


I am familiar with neurodiversity, supporting the visually and hearing impaired and I will always do my best to accommodate the less able bodied within my therapy space. I provide hypnotherapy via online means too - it can be really relaxing to receive your treatment at home in your own space. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What hypnotherapy can’t help with and when it is unsuitable

Hypnotherapy cannot be guaranteed in terms of how successful it will be, and there are some things that it is unsuitable for:

If you have epilepsy, psychosis, moderate to severe depression or bipolar disorder then this is not the therapy for you. You would be advised to seek support and advice from your GP.

If you have depression - hypnotherapy is not a suitable therapy to support your depression alone. However, the relaxation benefits and being cared for in a therapeutic setting may be a lovely thing to do as part of your overall treatment plan. I would advise talking with your doctor first. 


Fees (online or in person)

Initial Consultation: 90 mins £60

Block of 6 Treatment sessions £240 (50 mins each, £40 per appointment)

If further additional treatment sessions are needed after the initial 6 - I book a longer review appointment of 90 mins £60

Extra treatment sessions following review: 50 mins £40


Group Hypnotherapy

I offer workshops and retreats, based on the principles of hypnotherapy. This can be helpful to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress to help you relax. I publish details of these sessions on the website on the Retreats page, and on social media.


Further questions or want to book?

Don't hesitate to call, text or email me - very happy to help