About Yoga classes

Come and care for your body, mind and spirit. I have gentle lighting, candles and music to help you relax and have the most replenishing experience.


Which yoga is right for me?

I teach the following types of yoga within my home studio classes:



18.20 RESTORATIVE YIN (nearly full)

19.40 RESTORATIVE YIN (spaces)



09.30 SENIORS (nearly full)

18.20 Iron Yoga with Vinyasa flow and stretch (full)

19.40 RESTORATIVE YIN (full)


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Details on the different types of yoga is below...

Restorative Yin

Many people haven’t heard of Yin, it’s an ancient practice that follows the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It focuses on the meridians or energy pathways that run through the body, stretching them and stimulating them. We start this class with a gorgeous body flow to warm up and connect with the physical self. We also engage in breathwork before settling into Yin. Typically a pose in yin is held for 2 to 4 minutes and is mainly down on the mat. Bolsters and blocks are very handy to help you in yin practice as you find your ‘edge’; stretching enough to challenge yourself but not too much. This is art and really teaches us to listen to our body to find a balance between effort and ease.

I include a restorative yoga pose towards the end of the class as we settle towards shavasana - your body is fully supported using the bolsters, cushions and blankets to really augment the relaxed state you will reached.

Slow Flow Vinyasa & Iron Yoga

On a Wednesday evening, I combine Iron Yoga with Vinyasa Flow. Iron yoga is a specialist teacher training and incorporates light dumbbells into the practice. This brings some physical challenge and strength. Weight resistance is so important for a balanced workout plan. 

Slow vinyasa is incorporated as we flow to gentle beats and chill out music. There are balance poses that require strength and flexible poses that challenge your bendiness. Whatever your level, everybody can enjoy slow vinyasa and for me, one of the most amazing aspects to this practice is the coordination of the breath as you flow between poses. 

Prepare to be challenged but accommodated - all welcome.

Senior's Yoga

This is a wonderfully sociable and inclusive class, yoga with asanas (poses) that engage strength, balance and flexibility - delivered more slowly than flowing vinyasa but still utilising the breath to coordinate with movements. I incorporate elements of restorative yoga to bring you deeply into relaxation. 

*I hold a class on a Wednesday morning and it is aimed at seniors who want to take things gently whilst challenging themselves as much as they feel comfortable with

My classes are designed to be mindful and supportive of wellbeing

I always integrate some breath work and Yoga Nidra which is a guided body scan to help you enter a meditative state. My hypnotherapy training is a handy skill for delivering meditation and relaxation within my yoga classes.



Do I need to bring equipment to the yoga studio?

You don’t need to bring anything at all, unless you would like to. We supply luxury mats, buckwheat bolsters, round padded bolsters, blocks, straps, dumbbells (for Iron Yoga) blankets, pillows and eye coverings - all here ready for you. We have comfy chairs for those wising to partake of chair based yoga in the Wednesday morning Senior's class. We wipe our surfaces and launder our coverings to ensure they are fresh and clean ready for you to use. 

What should I wear?

I'm personally most comfortable in a pair of sports leggings and top. As long as you can move and you won't get too hot, anything comfy and supportive is fine. It's good to have a hoodie or a jumper handy for the final resting pose at the end of the class to keep you warm. We do yoga bare footed - if you want to wear socks make sure they’re proper yoga socks with grippy soles. 


Studio Etiquette

In the yoga studio it is a quiet and peaceful environment. We do sometimes have a little giggle and a sense of humour but generally it is a calm place to be where everyone quietly practises to their level and can come to a place of mental stillness.


Can I go early and miss the relaxation?

This is the most important part of the class when everything you have done is integrated and the body and mind come together in true restoration. So I’m a bit strict about dashing off! It also disturbs the atmosphere for the others so wherever possible I would ask that the class environment is respected. 


I am very passionate about inclusivity - it’s a precious thing to me and I warmly invite all to my classes. If you or your loved one needs a little more support or has special needs all you need to do is talk to me and let me know - probably best ahead of the class so I can prepare and get thing right for you.

After many years of caring for patients, I understand health conditions and I’m used to supporting the hard of hearing and visually impaired as well as people living with coordination difficulties, dementia or those who are neuro-atypical. Send me a message and get in touch. Yoga is for everyone.

All of my classes whether in studio or online are run with care and I want you to be no-one but yourself, and to feel you are very welcome, because you are!