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Puresoul Wellbeing

First Class (adult)

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If you are new to Puresoul you can come and see what classes are like and enjoy the experience. To book please drop Jude a message to select your class and date and you will be booked in!


For all first classes I charge £9 (or £6 for a young person/student). I know many local teachers offer a free class to try, unfortunately this hasn't worked for me previously - with failures to attend or very last minute cancellations. This upsets the dynamics of the class and others miss out on being able to come.

What do I offer instead? A very personal and boutique yoga experience infused with regular high quality CPD. I maintain a limited number of clients and give them flexibility. People tend to have a regular class they attend - but if they can't come the odd time, I don't charge and we carry the class credit along for another time. If you enjoy it and sign up, I spend your fees for the first class on a personal eye mask for you to have at the studio with your name on a little bag. You can then relax deeply in shavasana.

My equipment is high quality - and for yin classes I have heated mats that really deepen and enhance your experience in the cold winter months.