Therapeutic Coaching & Mentoring

Jude is a Therapeutic Practitioner, Mentor and Wellbeing Coach. She sees clients in her private practice and also takes referrals from Occupational Health Physicians and Employers.


In this role

She listens, supports and mentors individuals

Cares and understands when things have become difficult and individuals need to talk things through

Facilitates and encourages self-care strategies and a solution focussed approach

Promotes engagement in appropriate resources and services

Collaborates with clients, creating a journey back to wellness with a caring, bespoke style.


    Therapeutic, restorative coaching for wellbeing

    Stress Management and solution focussed support

    Weight management 

    Support to reduce alcohol 

    Stopping smoking

    General wellbeing enhancement to support depression and anxiety

    Workplace Wellness

    Within the workplace, well-being coaching can be particularly supportive and empowering for employees who are returning to work after an extended period of ill health. 

    Jude has extensive experience in leadership and management, she understands the workplace and quickly tunes in to client issues. Together with her knowledge of wellbeing and stress management, she empowers and motivates individuals in a caring, therapeutic way, to encourage lifestyle and behavioural changes, gaining knowledge, skills and confidence.


    Being listened to, understood and cared for can be very therapeutic and motivating

    Fees for private self-referral clients for wellbeing issues:

    Introductory session of 60 minutes £50

    On a pay as you go basis thereafter £40 for 60 minutes

    A block of 6 sessions is the recommended number, book a block of 6 for £240

    Appointments may be held online or in person

    Fees and Appointment Structure for employers regarding work place wellness:

    Every client is an individual and Jude tailors her approach accordingly. Work-related issues tend to be complex and are usually accompanied by personal challenges. The short support programme:

    Has an introductory online call to break the ice, form the beginnings of a therapeutic relationship and ensure all information is available ahead of sessions. There is no charge for this initial appointment. 

    Has three therapeutic coaching appointments lasting 60 mins each

    Spaced 2-3 weeks apart

    May be offered face to face or online

      Appointment One

      A discovery session, listening to current difficulties and reflecting on current lifestyle choices and activities. Early strategies are considered and talked about.

      Appointment Two

      First Review

      Appointment Three

      Second Review

      Professional fee of £200 per client, inclusive of all appointments, resources and communications

      Beyond these 3 appointments, Jude offers a further block of 3 for an additional £100 if employers would like to extend it.


      Paving the way to wellness, and a successful return to work, is an important step back to a healthy and balanced life

      Some clients also select to self-fund further treatment beyond their 3 appointments, in the form of coaching, hypnotherapy, or one to one yoga.



      Group facilitation

      Jude also offers group facilitation for small teams within an organisation if they are impacted by difficult situations - or need support to navigate through a time of change. Please contact Jude directly to discuss this service. Each situation is different and Jude is always happy to talk things through if you are looking for employee group support.

      About Jude

      After studying Dentistry at the University of Liverpool, she qualified in 1996 and was a dentist in general practice for 24 years.

      She has significant experience in clinical leadership as the lead clinician and Partner in a large NHS practice.

      She holds a CMI qualification in the Principles of Management and Leadership

      Is an experienced Hypnotherapist

      Holds a L4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory

      Is a Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation teacher, with a studio and treatment room

        She has now relinquished clinical dentistry - instead focussing on her deep interest in emotional and mental health.

        As well as healthcare, Jude is familiar with education settings

        She has been a governor for over 12 years across two state secondary schools

        She has Chaired the Board as well as various sub committees including Staffing and HR

        She has led governance in core areas: Equality and inclusion, SEND, Safeguarding and Wellbeing. 

        She is adept at compliance having experience with both CQC and Ofsted regulations

          Jude believes in developing people in tandem with the vision and values of an organisation. Her leadership and management approach has always been inclusive. This unique professional background, is a powerful combination to understand and support individual private clients, employers and employees in wellbeing.



          Judith Starkey

          Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Diploma in Counselling Skills and Theory (L4), Dip Hyp CS, CMI Principles of Management and Leadership (L3), RYT (Yoga Alliance)

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