Wellbeing support for teens

Wellbeing support for teens

I am excited to be joining forces with my friend and colleague Julia Albertini-Slark to offer well-being support to Teens throughout the upcoming summer season. Full information here.


Julia and I have children of our own and plenty of professional experience to offer the young people in and around Bradford on Avon. You can read all about Julia to see what an amazing professional she is and how much she is committed to young people. I have two children myself, Will and Sophie. 

Will is my eldest, he’s 21 now and graduated from Cambridge with a law degree last June. He currently works as a paralegal at a firm in Bristol whilst he waits to commence his training contract - he is assisting them with a national inquiry in partnership with The Cabinet Office. His journey was challenging and without divulging his personal information, I was extremely emotional when he graduated.

Sophie, is 15 and in year 10. She is never allowed to grow up!! She spends most of her life in a leotard and pointe shoes and sits 3 of her GCSEs this summer - she has had her own challenges over the past 18 months and I’m humbled by her recovery. After covid I think all of our young people need some TLC.

I feel very adept at navigating anxiety, exams and pressure - supporting and loving your children as they take those steps, celebrating their hard work (and keeping the nerves under control). You just want the world for them.

In Rye summer 2022

Both Will and Sophie enjoy a bit of yoga. It being their mum guiding the class is undoubtedly very cringy for them! I try not to be too embarrassing. But I can really see the benefits of bolstering their well-being in this way.

In San Francisco, May 2022

Julia and I have know each other for around 12 years and it’s such a privilege to have her here to collaborate with. I know all of her children and she’s a wonderful mum. Please reach out if you have any queries. We will be absolutely committed to looking after your young people whilst they are with us and look forward to meeting you.

And if we don’t see you - all the very best for a lovely summer, and if your child is sitting exams - smooth and successful exam season.