Mindfulness Coaching and Yoga for Young People


Easing anxiety and supporting wellbeing for young people

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**If your child is unable to attend one of the sessions, please send a message - we can accommodate one missed session and will adjust the cost for you**

Starting on Friday 14th April, and stretching out fortnightly, Jude & Julia are offering wellbeing support to young people in our local area. Cost per person for the full course is £190. Payment plans are also possible - please reach out to us.

Julia and Jude both have recent enhanced DBS certificates and safeguarding training from secondary school settings. These are available to view with their certificates on this website.

They also follow the comprehensive Department for Education document Keeping Children Safe during community activities. After school clubs and activities. Details of Child Protection and other important policies will be shared with parents ahead of the course.

This is how the course will be structured:


Friday 14th April 

2 till 6pm

 A four hour introductory afternoon

Friday 28th April

5 till 7pm

5 x two hour sessions in Mindfulness Coaching and Yoga, held fortnightly

Friday 12th May

5 till 7pm

Friday 26th May

5 till 7pm

Friday 9th June

5 till 7pm

Friday 23rd June

5 till 7pm


We will also be sharing meditation and yoga recordings for use in between sessions.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is practised to help anxiety and to enable us to create moments of calm in our busy lives. Paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, with curiosity and kindness, to things as they are.

Essential tenets for mindfulness practice, and every session will start with these:-

  • Grounding, Centring and Anchoring

  • Posture adjustment; Shoulders down and back. Head over neck,

  • Chin tucked

  • Finding comfort in silence

  • Creating your own bubble

  • Notice - nature, sounds, breath

  • Body Scan to connect to your physical self

  • Breathing - box breathing, finger breathing, longer out-breath, very powerful for reducing feelings of anxiety or panic

  • Seated meditation 5-10 mins-  If physical sensations or thoughts interrupt your meditation, note the experience and then return your focus to your breath

  • Be kind and patient with yourself– it takes practice- tiny steps- treat yourself like you would a good friend

How will we structure the time?

We will  always engage with our young people to receive feedback and respond to what they feel works best. In general this is how our course structure will look:

  • Chat circle - hearing from everyone

  • Gentle flow yoga to embrace the power of movement in a thoughtful and calming way

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching - aimed specifically to help during exam season, learning how to adjust thought patterns and be present - to reduce nerves, stress, anxiety and improve emotional wellbeing

  • Yin and Restorative Yoga - Deeply relaxing and working into physical sensations to reduce tension and improve quality of breathing and sleep

  • Close session with an informal sharing and positive affirmations

Additional Information

  • All sessions will be held at the Puresoul studio in Winsley, as well as the studio, we have a connected space with comfy seating and access to the garden

  • We will have herbal teas and a variety of naturally flavoured cold water with floating fruits, cucumber and mint

  • All mats and equipment will be provided, just bring yourselves!

  • We are both very experienced at managing moments of anxiety and will have a plan to allow students time out with one of us if necessary.

  • If you have any further queries please dont hesitate to contact us.

  • For Mindfulness queries, Julia at julesmindfulness@gmail.com

  • For yoga or general queries, Jude at jude@puresoulwellbeing.com



We are both experienced in the company of individuals with special needs and committed to inclusivity - please contact us initially to have a conversation about this to ensure we can understand what individual needs your child has. This is a group setting and it's very important that what we are offering provides an appropriate level of support.

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