Jude & Julia

Mindfulness Coaching and Yoga Courses


I have the pleasure of introducing my good friend and colleague, Julia Albertini-Slark. Together we facilitate workshops and sessions that bring together Mindfulness Coaching and Yoga. This is such a powerful combination in promoting good emotional and mental health.

As well as the wonderful partnership of Yoga and Mindfulness Coaching, Julia and I really complement each other in the skills and experience we have, both personal and professional. We would love to welcome you to one of our courses for some wellbeing support.

OUR NEXT COURSE IS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE STARTING FRIDAY 14TH APRIL 2023 (**If your child is unable to attend one of the sessions, please send a message - we can accommodate one missed session and will adjust the cost for you**)

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About Julia

Julia has been an educator, mentor and coach for over twenty-five years. She has collaborated with businesses to design and deliver employee training on skills needed for the business environment such as leadership, improving confidence, and wellbeing techniques.

Julia is a trained mindfulness coach and she has worked with adolescents and adults to embed strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress by using positive psychology, mindfulness techniques and meditation. Julia practices yoga and mindfulness in order to pass skills on to others.

She has coached and mentored teenagers on mental health, university applications and career planning, visualising success, presentation skills, and managing finances. She has designed and led ‘Dragons Den style’ activities for students to pitch entrepreneurial ideas to real business investors.
Julia has a post-graduate degree in teaching (Business and Sociology) and she has taught GCSE/A-levels in schools, higher qualifications in FE colleges, and as a private tutor and examiner, and she is currently teaching in an independent school.

Julia has three children, and she is an advocate of non-judgemental parenting support, together with assisting parents to devise strategies to nurture their children with their different personalities and needs. Her children are Isabel (A&E doctor in Australia); Will (Crime analyst for the Police); and Josh (final year Physics degree, Exeter University).

Julia has a particular interest in:
Our identity and what makes ‘US’ us? Using psychology and business models to learn more about ourselves, such as the Identity pie chart, The Johari window, The Individual success plan, SWOT analysis, and discussion based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.
Dealing with anxiety, caring for older parents, using mindfulness to cope with stress, and planning for our mental wellbeing. Menopausal challenges for women, and how to navigate through this time.
Parenting of teenagers and young adults, non-judgemental discussion and strategies to try during this time to foster the best relationships with children of all ages.
Using positive psychology in many situations to create a better outcome, and visualising success techniques.

Julia's Qualifications & Certificates